EFF Speaker must go – as Council readies to remove her through a vote

Issued by Cllr Raymond Dhlamini – DA Chairperson in Ekurhuleni
28 Mar 2024 in Press Statements

The EFF Speaker of Council, Cllr Nthabiseng Tshivhenga will hear her fate tomorrow, following the tabling of a Motion of No Confidence (MoNC) in her ability to control and conduct the business of the council fairly and democratically.

The DA in the City of Ekurhuleni, brought a MoNC in her fitness to hold the position of Speaker of Council, following the violent collapse of numerous council meetings. Cllr Tshivhenga openly abuses her position as Speaker to protect her political party at the expense of service delivery to the residents of the City.

The abuse of power needs to end! Enough is enough and the DA is calling on the EFF Speaker to resign before she is removed through a democratic vote in the chamber. We cannot allow the council to degenerate any further!

The decorum of the council will be restored tomorrow once she is removed. For the last five months, the council has yet to have a council meeting which concludes the business of the day without violent and disruptive tendencies. The Speaker has systematically facilitated the collapse of the decorum of the house in favour of the EFF.

The DA is calling on all political parties of the council to unite to restore the dignity and respect of the house and vote to remove the biased and undemocratic EFF Speaker.