Johannesburg Metropolitan Centre Building burns as Doomsday Coalition grabs for more money

Issued by Cllr Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku – DA Johannesburg Caucus Leader
18 Sep 2023 in Press Statements

Note to editors: Please find a soundbite by Cllr Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku here

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Johannesburg is gravely concerned by the City’s complete lack of ability and political will to prioritise critical issues. This comes as the Metropolitan Centre Building caught fire allegedly due to a lack of maintenance and mismanagement by the Doomsday Coalition.

A fire broke out in Metropolitan Centre Building, resulting that the city will now have to move its functions out of the building, this is adversely affecting the functions of the city. While the Speaker of Council threatened residents that she will bring the ANC and accompanying Doomsday Coalition “through the front door” – and did. She now calls for accountability while cancelling meetings where essential governance oversight would have taken place.

In Johannesburg roads are exploding, buildings are on fire, water is scarce, and electricity issues far beyond the scope of loadshedding are crippling business and society alike.  The speaker of Council then goes on to cancel yet another Programming Committee – undermining governance.

It is however important to note that this Doomsday Coalition has called for the City to lease a new Metropolitan Centre Building in the past. Despite calls from us that the city should rather focus on maintenance and repairs, they remain transfixed on spending millions of Rands unnecessarily.

In the meantime, the DA will write to the City Manager to ascertain the extent of the damage of the building and records as well as measures being taken to avoid further damage.