DA interventions lead to eviction of illegal occupants at Glen Marikana Informal Settlement illegal occupants

Issued by Bronwynn Engelbrecht MPL – DA Kempton Park Political Head
25 Jul 2023 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) welcomes the eviction of illegal occupants at Glen Marikana Informal Settlement in Kempton Park.

This is a huge relief to the landowner of the land, the Jansen van Vuuren Beleggings (PTY) LTD, and the residents of Glen Marais.

These illegal occupants invaded this private land in 2016, which has placed an immense financial and resource burden on the landowner, municipality, and Glen Marais residents.

The illegal occupants were connecting electricity illegally to the substations belonging to the residents of Glen Marais.

This caused immense distress to the residents, who were sharing their resources with them. These illegal occupants did not have access to basic services such as proper sanitation and refuse removal, and the area became polluted with trash. The area was no longer safe, and it affected the value of the bond houses in the area.

The DA has been at the forefront of helping the residents and the landowner evict the illegal occupants.

In November 2018, an eviction order was granted, but the City of Ekurhuleni needed to relocate the occupants before 31 March 2019. Therefore, the eviction order could only be implemented in February 2020, but this was stopped due to the national lockdown.

The eviction process is underway, and the illegal occupants have been moved to Putfontein. We applaud the role of law enforcement agencies in ensuring that eviction takes place, which is a victory for the rule of law.

The DA will continue to monitor the eviction process and work with law enforcement agencies to ensure residents’ safety and engage them to provide support when needed. At last, law, order, and calm will be restored in Glen Marais.