Gauteng Police Station ratings indicate poor police service delivery

07 Jul 2022 in Press Statements

The severe increase in serious and violent crimes in the province and a lack of adequate resources at our police stations have resulted in Gauteng police stations receiving a poor rating.

Out of the 144 police stations in Gauteng, only 5 were ranked excellent, 5 were ranked good, 121 police stations were ranked fair, and 12 police stations were ranked very poor.

This information was revealed in a report to the Select Committee on Security and Justice in the National Council of Provinces.

The fact that 121 police stations in Gauteng received a fair rating raises various concerns about the safety and security of the communities in which they are rendering police services.

Most Gauteng police stations are facing severe challenges such as deteriorating infrastructure, a lack of proper and regular maintenance, and a shortage of police vehicles and personnel, which is hampering police service delivery.

The DA’s recent oversight inspections at several police stations confirmed that the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure is constantly failing to maintain and budget for important elements such as holding cells, water and sanitation upgrades, and general maintenance.

Crime cannot be addressed accordingly if basic matters like upgrades and maintenance of the police stations are not prioritized and addressed.

Furthermore, we are of the view that this report needs additional analysis with more details attached for each station so as to ascertain exactly what requires attention for a maintenance plan to be compiled and budgeted for to address each station based on the seriousness of the issues.

A well-equipped and functional work environment is essential for police officers to feel dignified and motivated to combat crime.

The DA will embark on its own oversight tour to each of the 144 police stations in Gauteng to assess within the next 100 days the risks, challenges, and possible solutions.

Police stations are supposed to be safe havens for victims of crime, a place where they can walk in and immediately feel that they are protected and cared for. This is not the case, and these ratings prove it.

The DA believes that we should identify ways to improve police working conditions to empower and equip officers to execute their mandate.