Massive fraud, corruption allegations shut down the Fochville Licensing Centre

13 Sep 2020 in Press Statements

Residents of Fochville have been questioning the unavailability of services at the Fochville Licensing Centre, requiring them to drive to Carletonville and spend hours in long queues to renew license discs. This week, I conducted oversight visits at both centres and started asking questions.

Initial findings indicate that the Fochville centre is closed in order to conduct a forensic investigation into massive charges of fraud and corruption involving officials of the Municipality, local driving schools and the Fochville SAPS in an unprecedented criminal syndicate.

It is alleged that over 1000 false identities have been created, license discs and registration documents are being cloned and falsified, and that the eNatis system has been infiltrated to alter records.

Well placed anonymous sources have confirmed that charges of racketeering are being investigated by the SAPS National Intervention Unit and three Merafong officials from the Fochville centre have been suspended and charged so far. Even more worrying is that it appears that the Merafong Council and the Portfolio Committee for Community Safety is unaware of this cesspit and have received no reports in this regard.

Residents are expected to keep to their legal responsibilities at great personal costs, while Council is not even bothered to provide an explanation. It is unclear how many residents out there are in possession of fraudulent drivers’ licenses and registration papers.

In order to substantiate and verify the information received so far, I will table written questions in the legislature to both provincial departments of Roads and Transport and Community Safety. Specifically, Merafong residents need to know what recourse is available to them, and when they can once again expect the services they are paying for.

In the meantime, though it seems as if a long drive to Carletonville and a longer wait in the queue is our reality for the foreseeable future.