The ANC/EFF/PA coalition in the City of Joburg has no answers for electricity surcharge outrage

Issued by Cllr Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku – DA Johannesburg Caucus Leader
03 Jul 2024 in Press Statements

Note to editors: Please find the letter to the MMC of finance here

The Democratic Alliance (DA) public representatives have been inundated by calls from concerned citizens regarding the absurd R200 electricity surcharge, a tariff which the DA strongly rejected when it was tabled in council.

In March 2024 and again in May of 2024, the DA warned the ANC/EFF/PA led City council that an increase of 12.7% and the additional service charge on prepaid customers was and would continue to be unfair.

Residents are outraged that their electricity purchases being deducted to accommodate the surcharge leaves them with almost no value for money. There is also confusion between business surcharge and residential surcharge, there has been no detailed communication on how it will be administered and utilised by City Power and residential properties are being charged business rates and surcharges.

The DA remains adamant that residents cannot bear the brunt of the City’s inability to manage finances.

We warned the ANC/EFF/PA coalition in Johannesburg that residents cannot be taken for granted and this surcharge adds an additional burden amidst the ongoing collapse of service delivery.  Load reduction and the water crisis during the Rand Water’s planned maintenance makes Joburg a very unappealing place to live, not to mention invest in.

We urge residents to check whether their prepaid electricity meters are registered as residential or business and query this with the City. Unfortunately, this is not something that a ward councillor can assist with. Once more, Joburg’s administrative failure ads to the burden on residents.

We believe that all residents of Johannesburg should be treated fairly – good governance is non-negotiable. We have therefore written to the MMC Finance today, to urgently review or do away with this electricity tariff surcharge and provide clarity on the business surcharge and how it will be utilised to the benefit of residents.