No budget in Ekurhuleni as anti-constitutionalists squabble over who gets the bigger piece of the pie

Issued by Cllr Fana Nkosi – DA Ekurhuleni Spokesperson for Finance
10 Jun 2024 in Press Statements

The EFF and the ANC coalition in has once again thrown the council into disarray as the two coalition partners brawl over allocations in the budget.

The budget was set to be tabled at another Extraordinary Council Meeting scheduled for the 7th of June 2024, following a request for an extension for its approval from the Minister of CoGTA, after the ANC and EFF failed to agree on its content. The budget is now almost 30 days past its due date for approval. Unfortunately, the ANC and EFF are still at loggerheads, as the budget once again failed to pass in today’s meeting. This has led to considerable instability and uncertainty in the city and an undoubted collapse in service delivery.

Up until late yesterday, 6 June 2024, Ekurhuleni Councillors had no insight into the content of the budget. While the nation’s eyes were fixed on the election results, the EFF and ANC tried to sneak through a budget which would have brought even more financial strain to ratepayers who are already faced with the crippling cost of living crisis.

As such, the DA decided to vote against this budget, as it shows no empathy and provides neither financial aid nor support to our already indebted residents. The proposed budget, instead burdens ratepayers with higher increases for rates, water, and electricity, whilst being unable to bring about the promise of improved service delivery in the city.

While the ANC may have gotten the mayorship back, the party continued its alliance with the EFF by appointing EFF councillors into tender-heavy portfolios as well as gifting the EFF the crucial finance portfolio in the city. The budget showcases that the ANC does not care about the residents and their needs, but that they will do anything to retain power.

The political infighting between the ANC and EFF continues to spill over into the lives of every resident in Ekurhuleni, as the city finds itself unable to function.

The delays in tabling the budget and requests for deferment with the MEC for COGTA and the MEC for Provincial Treasury highlights the disarray of the current council. This is despite a change in leadership, that came with the promise of trying to stabilise the city.

It is for this exact reason that the DA called for the council to be dissolved and fresh elections to be held as we believe the residents of Ekurhuleni have suffered enough. We will continue to call for this dysfunctional council to be dissolved, until it can actually fulfil its mandate of looking after the millions who call Ekurhuleni home. Our residents deserve a stable government with ethical leadership that is committed to quality service delivery.