Reign of corruption continues as EFF/ANC coalition tightens grip on Ekurhuleni

Issued by Ald Tania Campbell – DA Leader in Ekurhuleni   
17 Apr 2024 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find a soundbite attached here

The DA in the City of Ekurhuleni notes the new Executive Mayor, Ald Nkosindiphile Xhakaza’s, announcement of his Members of the Mayoral Committee (MMCs).

The reign of corruption in Ekurhuleni will now truly take hold as the ANC and the EFF’s coalition deepens, leaving the residents and businesses desperate as service delivery will no doubt collapse further.

The truth is Ald Xhakaza has merely reshuffled familiar faces into new positions, but rewarded the EFF councillors with big, tender-heavy portfolios. The EFF-puppet Mayor may have been removed three weeks ago, but it seems like the EFF replaced him with an ANC equivalent.

The DA is vindicated in our call for the council to be dissolved, as we believe only fresh elections can save the city. Reshuffling the MMC positions is the equivalent of reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic and hoping for it to not sink.

The tried and tested incompetence of all these MMCs during the dismal leadership of the so-called people’s coalition merely showcases that the ANC and the EFF are only in it for the city’s money, and will now rip open what is left of the city’s coffers and loot.

Unfortunately, political self-interests and personal egos have taken preference over serving the people and we can no doubt expect the same from the government, who ‘rewarded’ the former, voted out EFF-puppet Mayor, with another puppet position of MMC for Corporate and Shared Services.

It is for this exact reason that we remain steadfast in our call for the dissolving of the council and the call for fresh elections.

We need a renewed mandate from the voters across the city. Let the people speak!