Over R100 million worth of heritage monuments are still not operational with no benefits to residents

21 Jun 2022 in Press Statements

Note to editors: Please find attached an English soundbite by Kingsol Chabalala MPL.

Over the past eleven years, the residents of Gauteng have been expecting the full functionality of the Women’s Living Monument, Boipatong Monument, and the Kagiso Memorial which remain not fully operational.

These monuments have cost the Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation (SACR) over R100 million, yet they are not benefiting the residents of Gauteng.

The Women’s Living Heritage Monument was initiated in 2012 and was meant to be completed in 2015, but the construction of the facility was only completed in August 2018.  However, some of the heritage work is yet to be installed. Delays in the completion of this project have had a financial impact as the initial budget of R151 861 075.59 accrued to R205 693 734.18.

The Boipatong Monument and Youth Centre were initiated in 2011 and were supposed to be completed in 2012 but were only completed in November 2015. The initial budget was R32 572 833.00 which accrued to R35 199 212.5.

The Kagiso Memorial was built in 2014 and was opened in 2016 with a budget of R39 501 852.00 and is still not fully operational.

The unnecessary delays by the department in the completion of these monuments are denying our youth access to empowerment and up-skilling opportunities which could be offered by these facilities.

Furthermore, these facilities have the potential to boost local tourism and attract investment to grow the local economy. By so doing, they create employment opportunities in our townships.

The DA demands that the Gauteng MEC for Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation (SACR), Mbali Hlophe must ensure that these monuments are fully operational as a matter of urgency. MEC Hlophe must conduct an audit on the current status quo of these monuments and provide a comprehensive plan to ensure that these monuments are fully operational and deliver services to our people. The DA will not sit by and allow MEC Hlophe to waste such precious monuments that are meant to benefit our people.