City of Tshwane takes steps to stimulate economic growth and create jobs

22 Jun 2022 in Press Statements

The City of Tshwane’s Economic Development and Spatial Planning Department has undertaken a mission that will set in motion the actions required to facilitate higher and shared economic growth and development.

This will enable the city to gear towards attracting investment and create an environment that is conducive for sustainable economic activity that would benefit local businesses and the community at large.

The DA is proud to be a part of the team leading the city towards innovative strategies such as the recently initiated Marabastad trading and stalls construction project. This project will soon start with the second phase of construction, with a R7 million budget approved for the 2022/23 financial year.

This will provide informal traders with the much-needed infrastructural resources that will encourage these businesses to be counted in the greater economy.

The provision of proper ablution facilities, safe shelters and storage will also assist current traders with necessary compliance, which will improve the environment for sustainable growth.

Understanding the strain that our economy is under, the city is also prioritising one of our highest revenue stream generators by investing R18 million towards upgrading, maintaining and extending the market facilities of the Tshwane Fresh Produce Market.

The upgrades seek to strengthen the market which currently has a 21,5% share of the market value and is only second to its Joburg counterpart as the favourite market of preference in South Africa.

The DA understands the eminence of economic growth and the role of government in ensuring that a conducive environment for such growth is prioritised, and will continue to support and drive initiatives that promote the revamping of a leading Capital city.