Cilliers Brink staying on as Tshwane mayor

Issued by Solly Msimanga MPL – DA Gauteng Premier Candidate
26 Mar 2024 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Gauteng confirms that Cilliers Brink will continue as Executive Mayor of Tshwane.

He will not take up a seat as MP or MPL, despite participating in the party’s candidate selection process, as is his right as a party member.

Brink has made it clear that he regards the stability of the Tshwane Multi-Party Coalition of critical importance, not just for the capital city, but for the country.

In February 2023 Brink resigned as MP to clean out the mess left by decades of ANC cadre deployment and systemic corruption, and to build something better in its place.

In the past year the Tshwane Multi-Party Charter has recruited a new team of senior managers, taken steps to enable private energy generation, and improved the city’s audit outcome.

A great deal of work still has to be done but Brink is committed to the standards attained by DA majority governments.

For the period 2016-21 the Tshwane coalition did not have a working majority, and this enabled the ANC Gauteng government to grab power in 2020 through the back door.

The City and the coalition need strong and stable leadership. We welcome Brink’s decision, and support him in continuing his rescue mission in the Capital City.