Another ridiculous tariff increase awaits Joburg, as the city collapses

Issued by Cllr Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku – DA Johannesburg Caucus Leader
21 Mar 2024 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find a soundbite by Cllr Belinda Kayser-Echeozonjoku attached here

The proposed tariff increases in the City of Johannesburg is absurd considering the absence of basic service provision.

These proposed increases come alongside a wholly unfit budget, that seemingly, is designed to suppress the needs of residents in the city. We have on more than one occasion requested for the city to not thumb suck when making budget adjustments, to no avail.

We have highlighted the problems in the adjustment budget when it was tabled. This administration refuses to engage all councillors representing residents, and that becomes increasingly clear as they continue to steamroll reports through council.

Public participation on the proposed increases will commence soon, we encourage residents to have their voiced heard by actively partaking in this process.

For example, sewer charges specifically are not per usage but still per unit, which is very important to note as residents have complained about this. This way of billing, results in issues with the bills

Proposed tariff increases are as follows:

Rates: +4.8

Electricity: +11.3%

Water: +7.7%

Sewer: +7.7%

Pikitup: +5.9%

City Power Service & Capacity Charges: +16.74%.

Sewer Charges: Flats are now classed as multi-dwellings. Multi-dwellings under R700 000 value charged R314.68 per unit. Over R700 000 is R612.58 per unit.

Prepaid Electricity Changes are to be split into two categories:

Low Users (indigent customers): +6.36%

High Users (regular customers): +18.84%

High Users will also pay R244.2 Service Charge plus R237.3 Capacity Charge (both plus VAT)

Approx R553.73 a month increase (with VAT) for pre-paid customers plus 18.84% increase in electricity use

Residents must ensure that they attend the public meetings when the venues are shared with councillors, we will also try our level best to ensure that these venues are as widely publicised as possible. Only by participating, and actively fighting back against these ridiculous increases, will we be able to defend ourselves against unreasonable rate increases.

We will always advocate for fairness, transparency, accountability and will fight for you to ensure that the Public Participation is not just another tick box exercise. Ridiculous tariff increases will not hold.