DAWN calls out government callousness: SASSA failing GP’s most vulnerable

Issued by Cllr Sandy K Mbuvha – DA Women's Network Gauteng North Chair
30 May 2023 in Press Statements

The Gauteng North DA Women’s Network (DAWN) continues to be inundated, now since at least late 2022, by calls from social grant beneficiaries whose grants have not been paid.

The significant number of enquiries received speaks to a grant payment system that is running without proper leadership, political will or compassion for the most vulnerable people in our society who rely most heavily on support from care from South Africa’s taxpayers.

It is shocking that a department, that should by rights be characterised by its commitment to care, is consistently noted for its incompetence and callousness. Not only do SASSA beneficiaries have the constant worry of whether they’ll be paid on time – payments are rarely on time – they often have to endure inhumane and inhospitable circumstances when visiting SASSA offices for assistance.

These recurring problems cripple the social support structures that our nation’s children and elderly rely on amidst the economic collapse caused by the ANC-EFF doomsday pact. Instead of social support undergirding an empowerment society, these SASSA failures trap South Africans in poverty. Compounding this catastrophe is the inability of SASSA to communicate clearly and respect the people of our country through honesty.

The Gauteng North DAWN has embarked on a comprehensive campaign to assist legitimate beneficiaries and calls on residents to submit requests in this regard to dawngn@da.org.za or WhatsApp 082 769 4238, using the following format:


Name and Surname:

ID no.:


Type of Grant: (R350 SRD, Child Support, Old Age, Disability, Foster Care)


Gauteng North DAWN will continue to escalate all issues related to this vital matter through our Shadow Minister to hold government accountable. It is time for the Minister of Social Development to show South Africa that this government has a heart. It’s time go back to the drawing board and heed the provisions of the SASSA Act to effectively manage the support taxpayers make available to those in most need of help.