DA Gauteng Provincial Legislature Caucus Leadership

Issued by Solly Msimanga –
17 May 2019 in Press Statements

Today, members of the Democratic Alliance (DA) Caucus in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature elected the leadership team that will guide the Party’s vision during the sixth legislative term of office.

The results are as follows:

Caucus Leader: Solly Msimanga

Chief Whip: Mike Moriarty

Caucus Chairperson: Makashule Gana

Whips: Khume Ramulifho; Kate Lorimer; Fred Nel; Mervyn Cirota

The DA continues to remain committed to our vision of One South Africa for All and will work tirelessly to stem the tide of populist rhetoric and corrupt governance that has been the hallmark of successive ANC governments.

With the ANC leading with a very slim majority, Gauteng’s legislative process will be highly contested, and we stand ready to provide leadership in this arena.

In Gauteng the ANC holds on to power by a shoestring and the opposition is well poised to implement policy that will bring much needed change to the people of the province.

Under the stewardship of these elected leaders the people of Gauteng can rest assured that their futures lie in capable hands.

The issues facing the people of Gauteng will always be our first priority and the DA Gauteng Team will put forward solutions and alternative policies that speak to their needs.

Jobs and the economy, stopping corruption, and accelerating the delivery of services will be close to mind.

We will also work to ensure that what was promised in our election manifesto becomes a reality despite being in opposition.

We will ensure that another tragedy like Esidimeni never befalls Gauteng and her people. Furthermore, the fight against E-tolls remains; it wasn’t just a campaign slogan as it was for others.

The people of Gauteng can find hope in the DA, and we will never take for granted the people of this province who voted for the DA.